Written by Jackie Meador
Sunday, February 27, 2012

There is always one question above all others that is asked to paranormal investigators or ghost hunters, “Why?” For one couple it was simple, careers were winding down, kids were gone, married and have kids of their own, so what were the grandparents supposed to do now? Sit by the phone, knitting and waiting for the phone to ring for a babysitting job? Naw! Don’t think so, not these grandparents, they found another interest to pursue and in the process, a second career.

Central California Paranormal Investigators (CCPI) was founded in September, 2001 by Fresno residents Jackie & Mark Meador. For the first 3 years, this husband and wife team traveled with other groups to far off places investigating ghosts and hauntings, attending conferences and workshops, and learning from the ghost hunting veterans.

Some of Jackie & Mark’s more amazing adventures have been to Tombstone, Arizona, walking in the footsteps of the Earp brothers, who haunt the streets and sidewalks in the early morning hours just down the street from the Birdcage Theater; San Antonio, Texas to visit civil war cemeteries and old plantations where Indian attacks can be heard and seen in the light of the full moon; Virginia City, Nevada, where Mark Twain and the Comstock Lode became legend and 100 year old buildings still stand along with those early residents, who refuse to leave their gold & silver mines to the living; and then there was a dark and foggy night in Prattville, Alabama, chasing ghost lights in a marsh called Bear Creek Swamp, at midnight, alone, except for the alligators, bullfrogs and mosquitoes.

Then Jackie and Mark returned home.

It was time to concentrate on California and the San Joaquin Valley in particular, so they set up shop and started putting the word out that there was a paranormal research investigative team in town, the very first one. It wasn’t long before this husband and wife team of two was joined by others to make up the CCPI research group. These investigators come from diverse professional careers, with varying degrees of education and experience, ranging in age from the mid 20’s to late 50’s but all had one thing in common, their commitment to CCPI and the passion to investigate and document paranormal phenomena.

There were so many people who were fascinated about what CCPI does that Jackie decided to teach a class to see if they would come; and come they did. The Paranormal Studies Program  that is taught twice a year has become so popular it fills up quickly creating a waiting list. Now, Jackie is planning a certification class for those returning students interested in the technical side of ghost hunting.

It’s been an extraordinary road for CCPI over the last 10 years but also a wonderful ride which can only get more interesting from here. CCPI has been fortunate with not only the community response to our sponsored projects and events, the Paranormal Studies classes, the people who have invited CCPI into their homes/businesses to investigate unexplained phenomena but also its investigators, whose passion is to find hard evidence to the big question, “Do ghosts really exist?” For without them, CCPI would not have the success it has today.

With advances in technology and as the equipment becomes more sophisticated, CCPI will continue their research for many years to come. And it is the CCPI promise to those who contact us to treat each investigation with confidentiality and professionalism while assisting them in understanding the paranormal phenomena occurring around them.

This is what they do, investigate, validate and educate.


Director and Chief Investigator, she has been investigating paranormal phenomena for over 12 years and still feels there is a long way to go in understanding what is out there.  Retired from Fresno County, she now devotes full time to making CCPI one of the leading paranormal research groups in Central CA.  This is a 2nd career and her goal is to assist and educate others with the knowledge of paranormal possibilities from CCPI events,  programs, projects to investigating spirit activity.  This is what CCPI stands for, “It’s What We Do…. Investigate, Validate & Educate.”


Jackie H
Spiritual Advisor, Clairvoyant Medium and Reiki Master Teacher, Jackie holds 5 degrees in Metaphysical studies.  She has completed the Paranormal Studies 101 & 102 and was instrumental in starting  the CCPI sponsored a gifted kids program, The Light Explorers.  Jackie is a natural and has a spiritual calling to assist people with complicated spiritual issues, including spirit attachment & release, negative energy identification and extraction, house cleansings & blessings.  Jackie has been investigating paranormal phenomena for 7 years and brings her clairvoyant abilities to CCPI.


A Program Specialist in the medical field for the last 30+ years, her free time is all about adventure.  With her husband, Jason, she is open to experiencing life whether it is with the living or non-living.  Having lived with a spirit in her home during a very interesting time in her life, prompted her to enroll in the CCPI Paranormal Studies course to learn more about paranormal research.   Andrea is quick to smile, has an optimistic outlook on life, is enthusiastic, adventuresome and brings a fresh perspective to the CCPI Team.  Andrea is the Promo/Media Manager for CCPI bringing her promotional and fund raising expertise to the Group.


A Journeyman Electrician and natural born adventurer, Jason grew up treasure hunting with his dad at a variety of locations.  He approaches each new venture with enthusiasm.  Given his electrical background and passion for adventure, paranormal investigating is right up his alley.   Also a graduate of the CCPI Paranormal Studies program, he now investigates paranormal phenomena with his wife & best friend, Andrea.  He truly enjoys ghost hunting and brings his technical training, love of adventure and curiosity to the Group.


Jim has been interested in the paranormal ever since he was a teenager.  He took the Paranormal Studies classes after his wife Tracy took the course and has been involved ever since.  He is a Certified Surgical Technician and is now studying to become a Registered Nurse.  Jim loves helping people, so is a great asset to Paranormal Investigating.  He believes there are lots of people out there dealing with or fearing the paranormal, and he enjoys being able to help someone in need.  Jim brings his interest in the tech side of investigating to CCPI as the CCPI Technical Manager for CCPI.


Tracy has been a Registered Nurse for 15 years.  As a child, she was sensitive to paranormal activity.  As an adult, and wanting to understand the phenomena she was experiencing, enrolled in the CCPI Paranormal Studies class.  Her experiences have made such an impact that now it is one of her life studies as an investigator.  Her natural empathic/intuitive abilities help her not only as a health care professional but as an asset to the CCPI Team.  She is loves helping people in life and can continue helping after they’ve passed.


A retired corrections officer, Cathy has been investigating ghosts & hauntings for over 4 years.  Cathy has been interested in the paranormal for over 38 years and having first-hand knowledge of paranormal activity, she is committed to finding answers.  She has also completed the Paranormal Studies Program and loves to travel to conferences/seminars to keep learning.  Cathy brings to the CCPI team a passion of knowing “There is something out there.”  She loves camping and spending time with her grandchildren.


Her day job is a RN Administrator.  Suenell is one of three longest group members having been with CCPI for 5 years.  She is also the CCPI Case Manager handling all email referrals sent to CCPI plus a field investigator.  Not only does she conduct the initial screenings, she also assists Jackie in CCPI’s daily operations and the prelim interviews for CCPI.  Always ready to volunteer for CCPI events and should CCPI have any medical emergencies, Suenell is there to take charge.


Author, CCPI Historian and field investigator, Susan is the CCPI Newsletter editor and ½ of the CCPI Research team with her husband Karl.  Susan graduated from FSU with a degree in Biology and is also a Paranormal Studies graduate and loves to volunteer for special CCPI events and projects.  She is thorough in her research and documenting abilities assisting CCPI to verify its evidence.


The other half of the research team with Susan, Karl was born in Fresno and graduated from FSU with a degree in Biology.  He is a retired teacher and along with wife Susan, completed the PS course and has been with CCPI for 5 years.  Karl is sensible, dependable and always ready to lend a helping hand carrying equipment and giving suggestions/opinions.  He and Susan are committed and a benefit to CCPI.


Another member who has taken the Paranormal Studies Classes 101 & 102, Christa has an avid passion for anything paranormal and is always available to attend investigations, conferences and special events.  Her commitment and contribution to CCPI as a field investigator is an asset for the whole team. Christa is CCPI’s new Social Director.



Is an experienced paranormal investigator having graduated from the PS 101 & PS 102 classes and has over 2 years field work under his belt.  Always ready to investigate with the rest of the team any time or anywhere, Steve is thorough in his investigation techniques and  can also be counted on to lead an investigation when needed and organize special investigations.  He is also instrumental in directing and editing CCPI’s new paranormal talk TV show “Paranormal Journeys.”


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