From time to time, Jackie is invited to write articles and reviews for various publications and/or commentaries on paranormal subjects.  She also writes case summaries on some of our more interesting investigations and will include those in this section as they come up.  Most of those case reports will have picture and EVP evidence included for those who wish to look at the data we collect and our case conclusions.  Of course, any private residence investigations that are included in this section will omit the names and addresses of our clients per our confidentiality agreement.

Below is a preview of some of CCPI's adventures:

A Walk in the Park
A 1960 era Hotel, abandoned for years but during the
process of renovation has awakened the resident Ghosts. 
Follow CCPI through the investigation and listen to a Class A EVP.

Seance on the Rock:
With BBC Productions, come spend the night with CCPI
on Alcatraz Island.  Filming an episode for "Dead Famous"
Find out what it was like to have a Seance in the prisons
infamous infirmary just down the hall from Al Capone's cell. 

Gold in the Silver City:
Virginia City, Nevada, heart of the Motherlode, where
Mark Twain got his start and ghosts inhabit every building.
CCPI was invited by Ghost Trackers to film a Documentary
investigating the paranormal in this 100+ year old town.

A Date with Charlotte:
Read about a cemetery in Central CA where legend says
the Spirit of Charlotte wanders through the tombstones on
certain nights, looking for her children.  She has been
walking for 150 years.

What is a Ghost Hunter:
An E-Mag article discussing what really is the definition of
a ghost hunter, spirit tracker, paranormal researcher and
paranormal investigator.  Who are they and why do they do
what they do.

The Castle:
Ever wonder what it would be like to spend the night in a
haunted Castle?  Well, you don't have to go to England and
Ireland or anywhere else in Europe to have that experience.
Its here in California so bring your sleeping bag and a camera.

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