I got to thinking one day after my spring Paranormal Studies Class had ended and after most of my students asked……now what. They just spent 6 weeks learning about ghost hunting and while they all had a wonderful time and have all this enthusiasm and energy to continue on and become part of the paranormal research community, what happens now? Where do they go from here? In the past, I could refer them to 2 paranormal meet up groups here in Fresno but 1 is now dissolved and the other is not conducive to learning nor does it have an educational component for its members. It’s more of a mixture of hobbyists and fun seekers looking for ghosts, which is fine but not for someone who wants to learn more and take paranormal research and investigating to the next level.

So, I’m back to thinking, what is there that I can do to give to a small number of people who want to keep investigating, perhaps not on a steady full time basis but still interested enough to want to keep their skills sharp and enthusiasm fresh. What I came up with was a CCPI sponsored annual overnight trip to a supposedly haunted site, which would be open to current and past PS 101 & 102 students. And actually, this just might be kind of fun. Some of the people who took the class went on to form groups of their own or join others and some have kept in contact for a variety of reasons but mostly because they are still interested and want to stay updated on paranormal issues & events.

What I organized in 2008 was the Annual CCPI Expedition for selected friends and students. The objective was to reconnect with past students who are still enthusiastic about ghost hunting, give them a special investigation and have some fun. The Expeditions may not happen every year due to my schedule but I will attempt to organize one every other year, again, depending on my availability.

OK, so this is the way it works. I will select the place to investigate that is interesting, lots of history with a haunted reputation. It may or may not be a hotel but since this is a weekend excursion, lodging will be close. Most of the sites will be located in Central CA with a probable 1-3 hour drive. However, if it is interesting enough, I may pick one that will be farther away or out of state but that will be rare and the site will have to be exceptional as I really do like to keep things local.

Next, I will announce the pending Expedition n our Facebook page, listed on our website events page and in the quarterly CCPI Newsletter 3 months prior to the event date with a Paypal button at the end of the article for reservations. With the exception of the Expedition in February 2010, I would like to organize most of the future expeditions for late fall. There will be 25 spots available and the Expedition is open to former and current PS 101 students, CCPI team members and selected guests of CCPI. There will be a small fee required, usually around $20-$40 per person for those participating in the actual investigation. Guests of participants may come but will not be allowed on the investigation nor will they be required to pay the fee but they are certainly welcome to join us in all the other activities.

So, that’s it. Except to say, these Expeditions are meant to be fun, a chance to see old friends, talk shop and best of all, hunt for ghosts at new & exciting places.

To the PS 101 & 102 students, I hope you all get a chance to join us on these expeditions, this is for you.


2008 CCPI Expedition Preston Castle
2009 CCPI Expedition Hotel Jeffrey
2010 CCPI Expedition San Juan Bautista
2011 CCPI Expedition: Columbia SHP
2014 CCPI Expedition: Back to the Hotel Jeffrey
2016 CCPI Expedition: Sierra Sky Ranch