Central California Paranormal Investigators (CCPI) is a non-profit research organization that investigates paranormal phenomena specializing in ghosts and hauntings with an emphasis on education.

CCPI investigates sites of paranormal activity including, but not limited to; cemeteries, houses, businesses and historical sites with audio and video recording equipment in both analog and digital formats. It is our goal to document and validate the existence of ghosts and educate not only ourselves but others as well.

We are dedicated to search for irrefutable proof as to their existence and to better understand this particular paranormal phenomena. We follow strict procedures in our investigations utilizing handheld and technical equipment but also approach each investigation with confidentiality, professionalism and practicality.

The CCPI team is made of certified and non-certified paranormal investigators who constantly seek to further educate themselves in the parapsychology field. We strive to further our knowledge of ghostly phenomena through books, seminars, interviews, field research, college courses and with other paranormal investigators.

We are committed to helping others who request our services and to those who wish to understand the paranormal phenomena occurring around them.

CCPI cases are confidential and the information, pictures, recordings, etc. gathered therein are the work product of CCPI. CCPI has the authority to use said information for further study, research and educational purposes but the names and addresses of clients/witnesses shall remain confidential unless signed and written consent is given to CCPI.

JMM: 9/1/01