In the spring of 2006, Jackie Meador, CCPI founder and director, developed a PS 101 & PS 102 program available to Central CA residents and offered through the Cesar Chavez Community/Adult Education Center in Fresno, CA. It was a basic hands-on approach to those who are interested in learning the fundamentals of ghost hunting and paranormal research or those who are interested in paranormal phenomena in general. After nine (9) successful years teaching classes and educating over 500 students about paranormal research & investigation, the five (5) week courses came to a close.

With over 15 years of experience, certified ghost hunter Jackie Meador is now concentrating on offering one (1) day workshops and weekend seminars throughout the year. Notification of these and other events will be posted on our website, and facebook page,

Below is sample of what you might expect at one of her workshops.

Paranormal Studies 101
Step into the world of what a real paranormal investigator is like with an emphasis on ghosts & hauntings. This will cover the investigator’s role, what they seek and where they go to search for unexplained anomalies using scientific methodology, electronic equipment and research techniques to investigate and analyze evidence. An investigation to a haunted site is planned which may include an extra cost.

Paranormal Studies 102
This intermediate course taught by CCPI Chief Investigator, Jackie Meador, concentrates on spirit photography and electronic voice phenomena. This class is for those students who wish to continue learning how to capture paranormal phenomena utilizing electronic equipment and other tools, analyzing data and to test current theories on paranormal evidence. A field trip to a ‘haunted’ site is planned, which may include an extra cost.

Course Objectives
Continuing education about paranormal phenomena and the investigators role with a more in-depth focus on analyzing spirit photographs and electronic voice phenomena, etc. Students will discuss samples of each type of paranormal anomaly and will gain practical experience from the class field trip. The objective is for the student to study the evidence by employing scientific methodology in analyzing paranormal anomalies reaching an inconclusive/conclusive finding.